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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Breaking News :-)

OK, I am back for a regular blog - I was distracted: not cool.

Please, if you would be so kind? Favor my blog and distribute it?!
I'd like for more readers to follow me and read my "pieces of wisdom" *wink-wink.

Yes, my plan is to move back home to Germany; as soon as my house is sold.
However! I am not in a rush and really hope my house will not be sold too quickly.
I am very much dreading the move and then the 'job' of moving and most of all: having to leave.

I live in a Cul-de-Sac and have such lovely, wonderful (and helpful) neighbors ... it's a shame I have to go. *sigh. And the neighbors don't like it either...

But you know, I am thinking: 'if something seriously happens to me -
who is looking after me?'

I am alone here and being in Germany I have my son nearby, have my beloved brother, friends and ... just people that know me well (and Thanks-God like me too... as far as I can tell :-). So, I'll have a kinda security net. We need that when we are getting old-er. Ha-ha. YEAH! So it goes, right?

I am planning on living in my home town, where I was born. Want to see how it looks?
It's gorgeous and has Europe's oldest town hall, indeed! Here: Michelstadt
For all those reasons I have launched a big MOVING SALE - I can't take my treasures back home again. Too many.
Visit me and see, puhleeze?
My Website with tons of discounted 'not so average' Gifts
Please, you can make an offer too. I surely will consider anything!
I've dedicated an entire section with items:
♥SALE SALE SALE♥ Just look!
I am also on Pinterest where I've set up a MOVING SALE board -
as well as a M♥M's Day / Mothers Day board. It's free to look. PROMISE :-)
...and you conveniently can click on any picture - it will bring you to the item on SALE.
My Pinterest Boards please, follow me?

Remember! I have only ONE of anything. Everything is OOAK!
And think birthdays, anniversaries, and also Christmas, etc. AHEAD. Makes sense?
Thank you for your time ***
I'll be baaaack, soon and with helpful fashion and beauty tips and tricks.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Yeah, oh my. Much time has passed now and I have neglected my blog.
But I always THOUGHT about it :-)

I am certainly back from Germany, back in the US.
My nephew's wedding was something to cherish: Gorgeous, special, international.
They are a sweet couple and it seems they really do fit together.
After all, they almost look like siblings :-)

I visited my sister, Rita, and got the shock of my life. She is sick, yes, but she also has changed tremendously. Not only her short term memory is pretty well gone, her appearance and demeanor are very different too.
There is not much left but to pray for her.

It's October, the big heat is sneaking out - thanks God.
I had to install a brand new PC... the old one kicked the bucket.
Whew, what a nightmare. It's quite a feat not to LOSE anything. All my work;

all pictures that I am using for web sites, videos, slide shows, etc.

And now my house is up for sale. I decided that it's time to move back home.
Back to Germany. I am 'dreaming' of working in my brother's company:
You can see a little more of it in my book's trailer:

And here is the trailer for Europe (they don't allow the music that I used for the US): 

The Holidays are looming...  are you thinking about this special gift?
Check out what I have to offer from my 'collected' life':

Sunday, May 18, 2014

I'm going home ☼

I've 3 days left. Going home to Germany on Wednesday, Mai 21st.

 I'll be staying 6 weeks and have a lot of plans - also traveling to the Black Forest to see my sister Rita (of course).

I'm going to attend the wedding of my nephew, Daniel, which will be at our centuries-old Town Hall in Michelstadt/Odenwald. Yooo, MUCH looking forward to ;-)

Have you seen my tribute to my Home Town? Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Something else today ...

Adding: Rita is now in Rehab. I am shocked and sad about her condition...

I am asking for some prayers for my younger sister, Rita.

She lives in Germany and just started radiation after two brain surgeries.

I phoned her - she doesn't sound too good and seems not to have much will to survive -

saying: "I did my job, raised my kids... it's good now".

This is unbearable for me - and so I am asking for your prayer help.

Just a little one, please?

I'd be very grateful.



Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Produced a Song and made a Video - Yeah, it's MAD and Fun

From the Book The Ivory Carver's Daughter

You love History, wrapped into a true story with lots of intrigue and adventure?
"The Ivory Carver's Daughter"

Get it here:

If it doesn't open for you, please copy and paste this link: 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

HA! and Hallelujah, I made it!

Yeah, the wait is over.
My hard-worked-on book is now published.
WOW, I had no clue what a big task it is to give birth to a book
In the near future I will convert it into the required format for Kindle.

As for now, it's available here:
and here: 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

It's coming.....

Well, well... it's getting exciting now.
At loooooong last.
Unfortunately 'certain' people have delayed the publishing of my book - for just too long.
But now it's at the printers and should be available in about 10 to 14 days.

Stay tuned, I'll post when
'The Ivory Carver's Daughter' is ready to hit the road (Jack ;-)

Don't forget to hug your kids!!

The place for the most unusual gifts, indeed:


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Introducing my Book Trailer

I am happy to introduce my book trailer.
You may dance to the music ☺ Enjoy!

It's now really only a few weeks until my book
will be coming out

The Ivory Carver's Daughter

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Ivory Carver's Daughter - Book coming out soon

Smile a little ... while you watch my birthday video.
Just finished and published it:

Happy Birthday .... <-- click here

                              It's both our birthday


Monday, September 9, 2013

Tangled In Deception

Hooray, we are at typesetting now.

Also, my song will be out in a few days.
I will post the YouTube link here.

Please visit the pre-view of my book: The Ivory Carver's Daughter

Song coming up: 'Tangled In Deception'